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Microcontroller Applications that you will love to make

What is this about ?

The Current Directory contains some of the Microcontroller Projects that are made on Atmel 8-bit RISC devices. Since 2002 we have made over 300 designs and published 40 of the most Interesting designs in Embedded For You Magazine.

Some these designs are conceptualized form of Embedded Applications that we see our day-to-day life. like Automatic Voltage Stabilizers , Hot Water Controller, Water Tank Controller, Solar Battery Charger , Auto Tap controller , Automatic Curtain Controller and more..

Some of the following Microcontroller Projects designs are now converted to open source projects..

No. Project Name Source Availability Compiler Used Project Type Microcontroller Used
1 AET-DPM - - Hadrware NA
2 Auto Tap - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega8
3 Color Analyser - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega8
4 Hot Water - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega8
5 Light Auto Saver - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega8
6 Mechatronics Yes Arduino MCU Based ATmega8/48/88/168/328
7 Midi - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega16/32
8 Music MIMIC Yes Arduino MCU Based ATmega8/48/88/168/328
9 Neuro Scope - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega8
10 PLC - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega16/32
11 RGB LED Controller - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega8
12 Solar battery charger - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega8
13 Universal Remote Controller Yes Arduino MCU Based ATmega168/328
14 Voltage Stabilizer Yes Arduino MCU Based ATmega8/48/88/168/328
15 Water Level -   MCU Based ATmega8
16 Zigbee Yes Arduino MCU Based Atmega8
17 traffic light - CVAVR MCU Based ATmega8/48/88/168/328
18 USB-Slide Presenter - AVR GCC MCU Based ATmega8 16 PU


To see more about our company and products logon to aet-embedtech.com.

Will update more as we get time. Circuits ,Schematics and PCB of the Designs are available on request.

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